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Who I Work With

This section describes the kind of venture that gets me super-excited...

Early Stage Investing

While I look at, consider and fund businesses at all stages, nothing gets me more excited than early-stage investing. I love working with businesses that are just getting started and either acquiring proof of concept, or just have acquired it.

Teams With A Unified Vision

I love working with teams that are unabashedly working towards what Steve Jobs called making a ding in the universe. It's always great to see entrepreneurial people come together and compliment each others' skill sets and contributions to bring a unified vision to life.


We all started small somewhere. But we don't always have to stay small. While I used to invest in small businesses, at this time I am only looking for something that has the potential to get very big very fast. Think IPO within the decade.
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My Investment process,
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Work with
Lakshay Behl

Super Fast Decisions & Fast Funding
My team does conduct due-diligence but we work fast. We have systemized the process of finding and identifying red-flags if they exist. Which means you will not be slowed down because we took longer than we should have.
Focus on Growth, You've Got Total Control
You need to get new users and build your company. I get it. Now is not the time to worry about profitability. Now is the time to scale. And you have the autonomy to grow your business how you want.
From Seed Funding All the Way to Series X
Whether you're just getting started and have nothing beyond an idea. or you're looking for your Series D round at a serious valuation, no matter where you are, I'll meet you just there.
I'll Get You Connected To The Right People
I have a rolodex of very important and efficient people who can provide you with help, guidance and more. And if we don't fund your subsequent round, we can get you connected to someone who will.
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